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Our Story

Our people are the difference. They range from recent college grads to people resetting their careers. Our people are some of the most committed and hard working individuals you will ever meet.
north state consulting wilson, nc

Our story and our people define who we are and differentiate us from our competition.

Sales Development roles require three things above all else: Hustle, Gratitude, and Ambition.

Finding people that are truly grateful for the opportunity to work hard and grow their career can be very challenging. I have traveled all over the country and found that many large markets are lacking enough quality candidates no matter how big they are. It is not geographical, it’s cultural.

I decided to look for the right culture first, then we could find the right people.

So I went back to my home town of Wilson, North Carolina.

Wilson is a small town (50,000 people) about one hour east of Raleigh and Research Triangle Park. Wilson’s economy and culture were built on the backs of hard working people in the tobacco industry. There is an unmatched sense of community and work ethic in the town I grew up in.

Many amazing people reluctantly leave smaller towns in hopes of bigger opportunities. I decided we could change that. North State Consulting could provide the exact same types of opportunities to grow or reset a career in sales that are typically only available in larger markets.

Historic Downtown Wilson is truly a special place.

The area is part of an unbelievable renascence and transformation. Hundreds of thousands of square feet of buildings that were formerly boarded up are now becoming new all over again. We are extremely proud to have completely renovated a former drug store built in 1885 turning it into an amazing office space that our employees and community are proud of.

That worked so well that we are doing it again with an even bigger building two blocks away to support our rapid growth.

We are beyond humbled for the amount of support this community has provide us. We are able to hire the best of the best and we are providing opportunities for them to grow their careers every day. As a result, our employees are passionately paying it forward by being relentlessly protective of our client’s ROI.

211 Nash Street E

We are so proud of our fully-renovated office space