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Lead Generation Services

We are experts in business growth, sales operations, list building, and outbound messaging.

We build customized, outbound models at the executive level to fill your Rep’s calendars with quality meetings.

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Executive Level Strategy

Our experienced Executives will build a sales model specific to your offering.

We work with you, Executive to Executive, to understand your biggest goals. We provide ROI projections and a system to measure appropriate KPIs for your organization. We then reverse engineer every piece to create a customized strategy, complete with script writing and sales training for your team to generate leads.

Proven Process

We believe the phone is the most genuine way to begin a conversation with your prospects.
Our reps go through extensive training on your offering and strategy to have engaging conversations. We do not create mass-market social media campaigns.
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Dedicated Sales Reps

Our sales reps are recruited, hired, trained, and managed specifically for your account.
Trained to be an extension of your team, our sales reps are highly motivated, entrepreneurial individuals. We encourage collaboration because we know our sales reps can offer feedback that helps refine our strategies and foster lead generation. Our reps are building their career through your success, so they are hungry and eager to help your business grow.

Hire Our Reps

Finding great sales talent is very difficult.
North State works tirelessly on training and developing the best talent for your team. Sometimes, this means that our clients actually end up hiring our employees. If a North State employee ends up being the best fit to help that company grow, we stand entirely behind the opportunity for both the client and our team members. After all, our team is built by people who have set out to do great things. We allow our clients to hire our reps at any time.
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Three-month Pilot program

We do not believe in long-term contracts.
We get up to bat every day, not just the beginning and the end of your contract. North State Consulting believes we must continuously earn the right to be a part of your journey. It is about your ROI, and we want you to feel confident in our partnership and measured results.

Work With Us

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