Sales Development

You have a product or service offering. Now you need to sell it.

One of the most common problems across multiple organizations is that they don’t develop a sustainable long-term sales strategy. North State Consulting offers pipeline management, sales team development, and transaction management.

We are not a script reading call center or sales training facility. We work with you, Executive to Executive to understand your biggest goals. Then we reverse engineer every piece until we get to a bulletproof phone-based process. Once we have the strategy set, we recruit the area’s top talent specifically for your account. They get Executive level training and ongoing management to ensure your success.

Once up and running, we can handle all aspects of list building, CRM, sales operations, and analytics. Each account is assigned to one of our Executives and continually monitored, relentlessly looking for improvements. We provide Executive level reporting on a weekly basis, each one reviewed by our CEO.

We Close Sales

Building a productive pipeline is so much more than dumping leads in a funnel. Whether you need an inside sales team or more outbound sales, we will work with you to identify your best revenue channels, and then we book demonstrations and appointments to fill your pipeline with qualified leads for your sales team. Or, if there is a need, North State can close the business for you.

Sustainability in a sales organization also means that you need the right team in place. Let the experts manage your recruitment. North State hires specifically for each client’s individual business needs and will build a sales team that can deliver.

North State Consulting Sales Development

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