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Sales Consulting

You have a product or service offering. Now you need to sell it.

Let North State Consulting assess your sales organization and get you on track to save time, money, and opportunity cost.


We start the sales consulting process by assessing your current sales team and processes to ensure your reps and strategy are aligned and empowered.

We work with you to develop a sustainable long-term sales strategy, supported by tailored sales scripts for a bulletproof phone-based process. Your reps can get Executive Level Training and ongoing management to ensure your success.


Nearly every organization needs another set of eyes on existing sales strategies and operations.

Having the right processes and procedures are key to building and scaling sales organizations. We can offer CRM assistance to look for opportunities to develop and improve your business relationships. To avoid misalignment and slips, we refine your lead handoff process to ensure a smooth workflow. Your goal is to turn prospects into customers, and we’re here to help.


Data is king. Your team needs the best lead data available and you need the right KPIs to measure success.

We can handle all aspects of list building, reporting, and analytics. Each account is assigned to one of our Executives and continually monitored, relentlessly looking for improvements. We provide Executive level reporting on a weekly basis, each one reviewed by our CEO. Let us develop a method for defining KPIs to get your team on a clear track to measuring growth and reaching their goals.

Marketing Alignment

Is there a disconnect between your Sales and Marketing teams? Sometimes it feels like they speak different languages. Let us translate.

We start by training all parties involved on best practices of calling marketing generated leads regardless of where they sit in the funnel. Both sales and marketing teams are aligned in determining qualified leads and lead handoff to save time, energy, and money. To measure your success, we help your teams set quantifiable goals determined by appropriate KPIs.