Outbound Sales Consulting for Growth

Outbound lead generation models have a lot of moving parts. NSC provides services designed to optimize any existing organization, build a new program from scratch, and provide SDR training.

North State Consulting Outbound Sales Consulting Benchmark


  • How does your SDR Team stack up against others?
  • Are there gaps in the current process?
  • Are we missing something?

We have worked with countless organizations of all sizes in many industries. We will analyze your current metrics and benchmark them against top-performing organizations based on years of experience. We will also review call recordings to get a sense of rep proficiency.

Sample metrics: Dials per demo, show rate, close rate, sales cycle time, email performance.

Pricing starts at $2,500 per month.

Optimize your SDR Organization

  • Do we have all the pieces in place to be successful?
  • Do we have the right strategy?
  • Are we experts in Sales Operations?
  • Are our reps receiving proper training?
  • Are we able to hire rockstars?

North State Consulting will thoroughly assess your SDR organization in 4 critical modules. We evaluate the strategy to ensure you are aiming in the right direction. We will review the recruiting systems to bring in top talent. We will provide you with a world-class training program for your rockstar reps. We will also check your sales operations, looking for maximum efficiency and a tech assessment.

We aim to deliver a custom plan built at the Executive level designed for straightforward implementation on your own.

Pricing: $5,000 per module or $15,000 for full assessment.

Bandwidth issues? We can help implement any strategy we recommend.

Build Your Organization

  • I need an outbound sales team, but who do I hire first?
  • Does my VP of Sales have enough bandwidth to do it all?
  • How long will it take for me to get an ROI if I build it?
  • How do I structure my comp packages?
  • What Tech do I use?

North State Consulting will give you a clear, customized roadmap to build your organization with 4 key pillars and our proven Methodology for Growth. Our Executives will spend considerable time in each module helping you develop the most efficient way to get started based on your model. This will save a significant amount of time, money, and headaches as we bring you on your way to a world-class organization.

Pricing: $5,000 per module or $15,000 for full assessment.

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