North State Consulting Acquires FB Security Group to Form North State Cyber Solutions


June 28, 2024 – [Wilson, NC] – North State Consulting, LLC., is excited to announce the acquisition of FB Security Group, effective June 28th. This strategic acquisition will create a new business entity, North State Cyber Solutions, marking a significant expansion of cybersecurity services in Eastern North Carolina.

FB Security Group, a company based in Indiana, has been a leader in providing high-quality cybersecurity solutions for 18 years. With a strong portfolio of more than 500 clients, FB Security Group specializes in meeting the cybersecurity needs of small and mid-sized businesses. They deliver customized solutions to protect against constantly changing cyber threats.

“FB Security Group has an outstanding reputation for protecting small and mid-sized businesses and providing world-class customer service. We are excited for this natural expansion of our business and to continue creating tech jobs in Eastern North Carolina,” said Bill O’Boyle, CEO of North State Consulting and North State Cyber Solutions.

The formation of North State Cyber Solutions marks a new era of enhanced cybersecurity services. The new business entity will combine the strengths of North State Consulting’s innovative approach with FB Security Group’s extensive experience and trusted market presence. The new entity will offer a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products and services.

According to an Astra Security blog, an Accenture study on cybercrime revealed that nearly 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses. Yet, only 14 percent of these businesses are prepared to face such an attack.

“Bill and his team at North State Consulting share our commitment to a client-first approach to business. Our clients have come to expect exceptional customer support over the last 18 years, and we have no doubts North State Cyber Solutions will continue to deliver,” said Bruce Naylor, CEO of FB Security Group.

The acquisition of FB Security Group by North State Consulting brings several key benefits, including expanded expertise and resources, enhanced client support, innovative solutions, and geographic expansion. By integrating FB Security Group’s seasoned team and North State Consulting’s manpower, North State Consulting can cross-sell and upsell additional products and acquire new business.

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