Growing an Existing Business

Too often, companies launch successfully but then stall because their business growth strategy did not take them beyond the first few years. We know exactly how to bring your sales strategy back to life.

For the CEO

Most Execs have great ideas on the back burner. It can be very difficult to explore new ideas by pulling resources from highly profitable existing efforts. However, no idea is great forever. We can assist with business growth strategy consulting, vet your ideas, and bring back the data for you to make critical decisions. New vertical, new market, new product idea? We’re on it. And while we're at it, let us provide sales consulting. Nearly every organization needs another set of eyes on existing sales strategies and operations. Bring us in. Let’s look under the hood and give your efforts a tune up.

For the Marketing Execs

Marketing is always looking for the sweet spot. Data is king but sometimes nurtured leads that do not get touched. We sit between marketing efforts and sales teams. We contact your efforts to qualified appointments for sales reps. One human interaction can be the tipping point from email campaign to sale. It can be difficult to A-B test campaigns. We specialize in building professional outbound based efforts capable of pivoting on a dime. We are experts in business growth, sales operations, list building, and pitch creation.

For the Sales Execs

Your best reps should be closing business, not cold calling or working warm leads. Let’s put some gas on your strategies. We will work with you to bring in new business. Our reps can book demonstrations for your reps or even close business if appropriate. We hire experienced professionals ready and able to build business. We will recruit, hire, train, and manage specifically for your account and those reps will only work on your behalf. This ensures we are building your infrastructure for long term success. Tired of employee churn? See below.


SDR roles have some of the highest employee churn in the industry. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to recruit, hire, train, and invest in sales talent. North State Consulting is a full service consulting firm designed to help you company grow as well as maximize your ROI. Our clients can hire our employees should there be a mutual fit. Our employees would be fully trained on your product and our culture of selfless service, gratitude, and hustle. You have the opportunity to get to know them, benefit from their results, and see how they can raise the bar for performance within your organization.

“Quite simply, it just works.”

Bill O’Boyle founded North State Consulting as a way to empower businesses to reach their potential following his straightforward methodology. The North State team understands how to create a strategy that will work for every aspect of your business.