Growing a New Business

Simply put, new businesses save time, opportunity cost, and money when they choose North State Consulting.

Creating partnerships.

It’s all about having a seat at the table. The right partnership can take a new product from 10 customers to the big leagues. We are experts at tech startup consulting and structuring partnerships that can flip the table on your competition. We understand how to structure partnerships and negotiate at the highest levels. We’re with you all the way to the boardroom.

Save on hiring VP of Sales.

Be conservative with your capital. VP of Sales salaries typically start at $100k, and you still aren't guaranteed a good fit for your business. Almost all new businesses go through one VP of Sales with no results. North State Consulting understand what it takes to build a sales organization, and we don't just get it done, we get it right.

No need to build out sales operations.

Sales teams operate based on their comp models, building lead lists and having a CRM that allows them to track their funnel. Building out this kind of infrastructure can be crippling for new businesses. North State removes this burden.

No hiring, training, recruiting.

When small companies have to hire, recruit, and then train their new employees, they lose valuable time that could have been spent selling. It typically takes 2-3 generations of salespeople to get people and processes into the right place. North State employs only best in class sales professionals that are leaders in their field. Go to market with a team that is ready to sell.

Hire our fully-trained, NSC boot-camped reps.

Companies often want to hire North State reps after they witness their success first hand. We welcome that opportunity for both our clients and team.

Contract consultants with an easy out.

North State Consulting works with all clients on a straight-forward contract basis that offers an easy out. We are there to help you grow your business as long as you need us.