Case Studies

Client Moves From Large, Enterprise-Only Sales Model To Lower-Priced SaaS Model

North State Consulting worked with a client whose revenue model was focused solely on driving large, enterprise-only sales. After reviewing their business model and talking through their roadblocks, our team convinced them to change their entire strategy.

Utilizing North State as their consultants, we helped them create a SaaS-based, lower priced model. Our sales team came on board to close the business, as we are experts in selling smaller deals. This approach freed up valuable resources on their end. North State recommendations resulted in a fresh way of thinking, new product line, increased revenue and set them up for scalable, long-term success.

We were also pleased to be able to broker and solidify an integration partnership at the executive level that they had been trying to accomplish for a very long time. This relationship is now in the works and will have a game-changing effect on their business.

This client also sells through the “channel,” which means they have resellers. Companies that have reselling relationships are very dependent on what those partners do. North State was able to coordinate efforts with their partners and streamline their demo process, booking directly for the partners. Using this method really stirs the pot and has a ripple effect on success for both the partner and our client.

Many software companies sell through partner channels. North State offers a unique skill set to our clients because we can pull this off. Working through different channels on a client’s behalf requires many different expert level competencies. All companies regardless of their size can benefit from this level of comprehensive service, and our ability to work in this capacity for our clients not only offers them enormous benefits but also proudly makes North State Consulting stand out among our competitors.