Associations Strategy

Simply put, your best customers and prospects belong to associations.  This is a crucial part of our methodology because it represents the quickest path to revenue.  This is the lowest hanging fruit for our clients. Properly executed partnerships with associations can create highly effective, laser focused sales and marketing opportunities.  We have seen it countless times.  However, there is a big difference in being an expensive badge on a website and having a highly profitable channel of revenue. Aligning with associations can help you quickly be seen as a thought leader and the obvious choice in an industry.

There are many different approaches to take with any association.  The only way to maximize the opportunity is for us to have a deep understanding of your goals and create a specific plan based on the associations offerings.  Often, a company approaches an association and given a grocery list of sponsorships to purchase from a marketing representative.  Although sponsorships may certainly play a role, marketing investment does not ensure ROI.  We have worked with hundreds of associations and have an expert level of understanding of how to make these work. Our methodology ensures you get an excellent return on your investment and includes a detailed roadmap for each partnership for a long term, self-sustaining revenue channel.